Disclaimer: We don’t condone illegal activity and use the community accepted term ‘sex work’ only to describe consensual exchanges between adults in the sex industry. When we say ‘workers’ we only mean consensual or chosen labor.

FOSTA-SESTA passed 97-2 in the Senate. We need to support, not condemn our most vulnerable communities. WTFOSTA?

Speak Out Against FOSTA-SESTA

We can all do more by participating in our government process and interacting with our representatives.


Find your local senators

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Contact them to share your opinion on this issue and participant in elections.


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There’s an overwhelming amount of information that supports what sex workers have been voicing forever; safe access to community and resources keeps people alive. 

In order to amplify the voices of those already doing the work, we’ve added a list of resources created by sex workers. Some of these groups do hands-on groundwork harm reduction with those who have been “trafficked” - making them significant voices in this space. The following organizations are committed to groundwork providing direct access to education, food, water, basic necessities, and general aid in changing their lives.


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